How we work

Every Medical Education Programme aims to translate the latest advances in scientific understanding into clinical practice. This leads to highly effective and engaging programmes.

At COR2ED we adhere to and are compliant with all European regulations for Independent Medical Education. The Scientific Director and/or Organising Committee leading the programme has the sole responsibility for the programme and ensures that the programme addresses the pre-identified educational objectives and presents a scientifically balanced perspective of the subjects included.


COR2ED coordinates educational programmes with clear learning objectives that are derived from a coherent and objective process in which knowledge gaps and unmet educational needs are identified. The educational activity is designed to positively reinforce existing good practice with a review of the clinical guidelines, highlighting the evolution in scientific knowledge, and drive change in daily clinical practice as appropriate.

All our programmes are tailored towards the audience; the appropriate format and channels are therefore applied to transfer the medical education to the intended audience in the most efficient and effective manner.

At COR2ED we conduct a thorough approach to provide a complete and detailed educational programme assessment of the impact of the Educational Programme provided. Detailed results of the assessments will be provided to the sponsor and the Accrediting Organisations.

Medical Education Programmes will cover:

  • Latest scientific understanding
  • Latest clinical data
  • Review of existing treatment guidelines and their implementation in daily clinical practice
  • Review of the golden standards in medical care and sharing of clinical experience