In Context

Within a continuously changing healthcare environment, it is vitally important for professionals to stay up-to-date with the fast-paced developments in medical science. Independent Medical Education plays a critical role in supporting physicians, healthcare authorities and other major players to stay current.

There is a growing requirement for Independent Medical Education in Europe, with a focus on high-quality, independent medical education programmes. Evidence shows that high-quality Independent Medical Education improves clinical practice and outcomes¹. Requirements of educational programmes are also becoming more stringent, with a need to demonstrate that accredited activities have been developed by an independent faculty, meet educational needs, are interactive, free from bias and of the highest quality.

COR2ED develops and implements impactful independent medical education programmes, improving the knowledge and changing the behaviour of Health Care Professionals.

¹ Farrow S, Gillgrass D, Pearlstone A, Torr J, Pozniak E. Setting CME standards in Europe: guiding principles for medical education. CMRO 2012; 28(11): 1861–71