Why choose COR2ED

COR2ED brings over 15 years of pharmaceutical industry experience in medical affairs, development and commercial strategy, both in early and late stage development; and in global, regional and local organisations. We understand the latest scientific developments, are able to identify the educational needs in the medical community, and can help translate the latest scientific insights into clinical practice

In COR2ED we apply a tailored approach for all programmes; meeting the needs of the Experts, the Audience and the Sponsors.

Why choose COR2ED

Good CME Practice (gCMEp) Group


COR2ED is a member of the Good CME Practice (gCMEp) group initiative that aims to work with CME accreditors to provide continuing medical education that is balanced, appropriate, effective and transparent.

The need for best practice is aligned with the COR2ED vision which is to deliver high quality independent medical education to improve the health of patients globally.

Our team develops a wide range of educational programmes with varying topics and content across a spectrum of channels and formats. In all COR2ED educational activities, the understanding of complex science is translated into the context of daily clinical practice.

As such, COR2ED supports healthcare professionals through continuing and independent medical education to better understand the adjustments necessary in their clinical practice for the benefit of patients.

We collaborate and partner with respected scientific committees to ensure that all programmes meet the criteria for accreditation from the relevant national or regional institution or society.