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Podcast: TRK fusion-positive lung cancer

Podcast: TRK fusion-positive lung cancer

Prof. Christian Rolfo, Assoc. Prof. Caterina Marchiò

In this NTRK CONNECT podcast Assoc. Prof. Caterina Marchiò and Prof. Christian Rolfo discuss the detection and management of TRK fusion-positive lung cancer.

Portrait of Christian Rolfo
Prof. Christian Rolfo

Medical Oncologist

Mount Sinai Hospital

United States (US)

Portrait of Caterina Marchiò
Assoc. Prof. Caterina Marchiò


University of Turin


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time Podcast | open 20 min | Jan 2022

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In this podcast, NTRK CONNECT members Assoc. Prof. Caterina Marchiò (University of Turin, Italy) and Prof. Christian Rolfo (Center of Thoracic Oncology Tisch Cancer Institute Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, USA) provide pathologist and medical oncologist perspectives about the detection and treatment of TRK fusion-positive lung cancer.

They discuss a number of techniques and strategies to identify this rare fusion in lung cancer patients, before going on to summarise the robust efficacy and safety data for both entrectinib and larotrectinib. Prof. Rolfo briefly covers second-generation therapies in clinical development and describes how liquid biopsy is emerging as a new technique to identify and monitor patients. They conclude by stressing the importance of the collaboration and communication between pathologists and oncologists to test for and identify TRK fusion-positive lung cancer patients.

Podcast Transcript

Caterina Marchió

Welcome everybody, today we are here for this podcast that is going to be covering lung cancer and the detection of NTRK gene fusion in lung cancer. I'm welcoming you here on behalf of the NTRK CONNECT group and the podcast will be dealt by a pathologist, I'm the pathologist, and I will be here with a medical oncologist. I'm Caterina Marchiò and I'm a molecular pathologist working at the University of Turin. I work at a cancer Institute, at The Candiolo Cancer Institute in Turin. Today I'm here with Christian Rolfo my co-chair medical oncologist.

Christian Rolfo

Hi Caterina, good afternoon and so I'm Christian Rolfo, I'm a thoracic oncologist at the Center of Thoracic Oncology at Mount Sinai in New York, Icahn School of Medicine and it's a pleasure to discuss today this important topic in lung cancer....

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