The role of DDR and PARP inhibition (PARPi) in oncology

DDR and PARPi BluePrint documents have been developed under the guidance of a Steering Committee with expertise in the field of DDR and PARP inhibition (PARPi).

They are a reference guide to key aspects of PARPi and DDR and their role in oncology. There is an accompanying slide deck summarising the key highlights from the DDR and PARPi BluePrints.

A variety of topics are covered, including the role of DDR in oncology, synthetic lethality, use of PARPi in oncology, efficacy and safety of currently approved PARP inhibitors, and the role of combination therapy with PARPi.

These BluePrints are an educational resource created by COR2ED and supported by a sponsorship grant from AstraZeneca.

Additional resources on DDR and PARP inhibition