Improving knowledge and changing behaviour

Within a continuously changing healthcare environment, it is vitally important for healthcare professionals to stay up-to-date with the fast-paced developments in medical science. Independent Medical Education plays a critical role in supporting physicians, healthcare authorities and other major players to stay current.

There is a growing requirement for Independent Medical Education, with a focus on high-quality, Independent Medical Education programmes. Evidence shows that high-quality Independent Medical Education improves clinical practice and outcomes1.

1. Farrow S et al. Setting CME standards in Europe: guiding principles for medical education. CMRO 2012; 28(11): 1861-71

We are a member of the Good CME Practice (gCMEp) group that aims to work with CME accreditors to provide continuting medical aducation that is balanced, appropriate, effective and transparent.


Translating scientific insights into impact on clinical practice

At COR2ED we develop Independent Medical Education programmes with leading experts, medical societies and patient advocacy groups.

Our programmes support our community of over half-a-million healthcare professionals with the ultimate goal of improving care for their patients.

We are a member of the Good CME Practice (gCMEp) group that aims to work with CME accreditors to provide continuing medical education that is balanced, appropriate, effective and transparent.


Why choose us

We have consistently delivered high quality and impactful Independent Medical Education programmes since 2012. We bring a depth of pharmaceutical industry expertise and a breadth of understanding that enables each medical education programme to unlock the latest scientific insights for the benefit of patients globally.

Our team develops a wide range of educational programmes with varying topics and content across a spectrum of channels and formats. We apply a tailored approach to all programmes; meeting the needs of the Experts, the Audience and the Supporters.

We collaborate and partner with respected scientific committees to ensure that all programmes meet the criteria for accreditation.

At COR2ED we care about the environment. We believe that even the smallest of changes to how we work and behave can have a big impact on our environment and the future of our precious planet for generations to come. We are proud supporters of

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How we work

Developing a measurable programme that meets an educational need

Every Medical Education Programme aims to translate the latest scientific insights into clinical practice, in highly effective and engaging formats.

At COR2ED we adhere to and are compliant with all European regulations for Independent Medical Education. The Scientific Director and/or Organising Committee leading the programme has sole responsibility for the programme and ensures that it addresses clear and pre-identified educational objectives, and presents an objective and scientifically balanced perspective.

The educational programmes are designed to positively reinforce existing good practice, highlight the evolution in scientific knowledge, and drive change in daily clinical practice as appropriate.

All our programmes are tailored towards the audience. Our thorough approach is allows for a comprehensive review and we share the analyses and metrics with the supporter and Accrediting Organisations.