Asst. Prof. Ari Isaccson

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Vascular and Interventional Radiologist

  • University of North Carolina School of Medicine
  • location United States

Dr Ari Isaacson completed his medical training at the University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles. Following this he completed a Transitional Internship at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, and a Diagnostic Radiology Residency and Interventional Radiology Subspecialty Fellowship at the University of North Carolina. Dr Isaacson was Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy from 2001 to 2012. He has been Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine since 2013. His current research interests involve embolization and he has been principle investigator on several clinical trials in this area. Dr Isaacson is a member of the Southeastern Angiographic Society, the Society of Interventional Radiology and the American College of Radiology. Relevant publications Yu H, Isaacson AJ, Burke CT. Reply to: ‘Embolization of Type II Endoleaks’. J Vasc Interv Radiol 2017; 28 (5): 773-774. Burke CT, Isaacson AJ, Miller MJ. How to Succeed in Academic Radiology: A Primer for Young Faculty Members. J Am Coll Radiol 2017 Jun; 14(6): 808-810. Commander CW, Altenburg MK, Burke LM, Isaacson AJ. Do Radiopaque Polyvinyl Alcohol Beads Cause Artifact on Postcontrast MR Imaging? J Vasc Interv Radiol 2017; 28 (4): 625-627. Schwartz CJ, Isaacson AJ, Fordham LA, Ivanovic M, Taylor JB, Dixon RG. Radiation Dose Associated with CT-guided Drain Placement for Pediatric Patients. Pediatr Radiol 2017 May; 47(6): 718-723. Burke LM, Conyers JM, Burke CT, Dixon R, Yu H, Kim J, Vallabhaneni R, Farber MA, Isaacson AJ. Incidence and Clinical Significance of Renal Infarct after Fenestrated Endovascular Aortic Repair; AJR Am J Roentgenol 2017; 208 (4): 885-890. Kim JI, Brader R, Viprakasit DP, Isaacson AJ. Prostatic Artery Embolization for the Treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in the Setting of Bladder Calculi. J Vasc Interv Radiol 2017; 28 (2): 306-308. Yu H, Desai H, Isaacson AJ, Dixon RG, Farber MA, Burke CT. Comparison of Type II Endoleak Embolizations: Embolization of Endoleak Nidus Only versus Embolization of Endoleak Nidus and Branch Vessels. J Vasc Interv Radiol 2017; 28 (2): 176-184. Cizman Z, Isaacson AJ, Burke CT. Short to Mid-term Safety and Efficacy of Prostatic Artery Embolization: a Systematic Review. J Vasc Interv Radiol 2016; 27 (10): 1487-1493. Isaacson AJ, Burke LM, Farber MA, Vallabhaneni R. Ultra-Low Iodine Dose Transarterial Catheter Directed CT Angiography for Fenestrated Endovascular Aortic Repair. Ann Vasc Surg 2016; 35 (8): 234-237. Isaacson AJ, Raynor MC, Yu H, Burke CT. Prostatic Artery Embolization Using Embosphere Microspheres for Prostates Measuring 80-150 cm3: Early Results from a US Trial. J Vasc Interv Radiol 2016; 27 (5): 1487-1493. Hu Q, Sun W, Lu Y, Bomba HN, Ye Y, Jiang T, Isaacson AJ, Gu Z. Tumor Microenvironement-Mediated Construction and Deconstruction of Extracellular Drug-Delivery Depots. Nano Lett 2016; 16 (2), 1118-1126. Isaacson AJ, Fischman AM, Burke CT. Technical Feasibility of Prostatic Artery Embolization from a Transradial Approach. Am J Roentgenol 2016; 206 (2), 442-444. Byrne J, Stephens R, Isaacson A, Yu H, Burke C. Image-Guided Percutaneous Drainage for Treatment of Post-Surgical Anastomotic Leak in Patients with Crohn’s Disease. J Crohns Colitis 2016; 10 (1), 38-42. Isaacson AJ, Bhalakia N, Burke CT. Coil Embolization to Redirect Embolic Flow During Prostatic Artery Embolization. J Vasc Interv Radiol 2015; 26 (5), 768-770 Wallace JA, Afonso E, Yu H, Birchard K, Isaacson A. Factors That Predict Increased Catheter Tip Movement in Left Internal Jugular Vein Implanted Venous Access Ports Upon Standing. J Vasc Access 2015; 16 (3), 223-226 Commander CW, Pabon-Ramos WN, Isaacson AJ, Yu H, Burke CT, Dixon RG. Assessing Medical Students’ Knowledge of IR at Two Medical Schools. J Vasc Interv Radiol 2014; 25 (11), 1801-1806. Isaacson A, Ridge N, Yu H, Jackson M. ‘Lean’ System Improvement to Increase First-Case Efficiency and Decrease Overtime Expenditures in Interventional Radiology. J Am Coll Radiol 2014; 11 (10), 998-1001. Khiatani V, Isaacson A, Yu H, Stavas J. Interventional Radiologic Placement of Denver Pleuroperitoneal Shunt for Refractory Chylothorax. J Vasc Interv Radiol 2013; 24 (7), 1073-1074. Isaacson AJ, Stavas JM. Image Guided Drainage and Sclerodesis of a Morel-Lavallee Lesion. J Vasc Interv Radiol 2013; 24 (4), 605-606. Baczuk R, Biascan A, Grossgold E, Isaacson A, Spencer J, Wisotzky E. Sex Ratio Shift in Offspring of Male Fixed-Wing Naval Aviation Officers. Mil Med 2009; 174 (5), 523-528.

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