We focus exclusively on Independent Medical Education Programmes, with a tailored approach to ensure the maximal impact of our activities

The educational content is independent and under the sole responsibility of the programme’s Scientific Director.

Programmes can be CME-accredited by the appropriate Accrediting Organisations.

Blended Learning programmes can be created by combining formats and channels to create a suite of initiatives that are entirely suited to the educational need, learning objectives and target audience.

Accredited educational programmes (i.e. symposia)

Independent educational programme during a congress (i.e. educational symposium), with presentations covering state-of-the-art overviews on a specific topic where the latest scientific and clinical insights are shared and implications for clinical practice discussed. The programme is lead by a faculty panel of experts, with ample time for interactive discussion with the audience.

Education supporting Clinical Trials

Study-specific complementary education for investigators and their study-teams is provided through interactive e-learning programmes with a focus on two elements:

  1. To stay up-to-date with the latest clinical and scientific insights in the relevant therapeutic area
  2. To improve the communication with their patients through the provision of communication tools

The programme thereby supports appropriate patient recruitment, management and retention.

Poster Guided Tour

In this programme the audience will be guided along a selection of posters at a congress. The programme is lead by an expert who will provide the background to the selection of posters, explain the key findings of the posters and discuss the implications for clinical practice with the audience and the poster-author.


Online, interactive and accredited educational curriculum with clear and pre-defined educational objectives that are addressed in separate e-learning modules. At COR2ED we offer various platforms for the hosting of the e-learning. The programmes can be developed for healthcare professionals or staff from pharmaceutical companies.

Experts Forum

Interactive educational programme in which 50 to 100 experts and healthcare professionals participate, to discuss the latest scientific insights and their implementation in clinical practice. The programme can be organised in international or national settings.

Collaboration with Patient Advocacy Groups (PAGs)

In collaboration with Patient Advocacy Groups (PAGs) COR2ED develops and delivers programmes to address pre-identified educational needs for patients and their caregivers.

Collaboration with Professional Societies

COR2ED develops and delivers independent educational content, in collaboration with world-renowned scientific and clinical experts at the professional society, to address pre-identified educational needs. The professional society owns the responsibility of the distribution of the content.

Education on tour

Educational programme in which one world-renowned international expert within the relevant therapeutic area will perform serial visits to clinical centres in a region or country for education and exchange of ideas. The programme will cover state-of-the-art education through didactic lectures for larger audiences combined with discussions in smaller groups with ample time to discuss shared topics of interest.

Expert Network

Within this programme key centres of excellence interact, with the objectives to: Exchange latest scientific insights, Share best practices, and Build an ambitious educational programme. As such a clinical community is created for discussion and education on latest scientific and clinical insights. Supporting Education Through Scientific Exchange and Collaboration.

Young Experts Connect

This programme supports young upcoming experts in their professional development; focusing on clinical, scientific and communication skills. The programme is a mixture of high-level scientific exchange, sharing best practice, networking and non-clinical skills development. The output is an educational programme which can be implemented by the young experts themselves and via e-learning.

Follow an Expert in Clinical Practice

Educational programme through visits to Centres of Excellence, where state-of-the-art education is provided by the scientific and clinical staff at the Centre of Excellence and a visit around the facilities is included. The programme can be organised for healthcare professionals or staff from pharmaceutical companies. The programme is concluded with a meeting amongst participants where the key learnings are discussed and educational content is developed for further use.

Experts Knowledge Share

Individual meetings with key experts in the relevant therapeutic area are organised to discuss shared topics of interest. The programme allows the participants to get a stronger understanding of the clinical and scientific aspects in a specific therapeutic area, and to have intimate discussions and exchange of ideas with the experts.

Round Table Discussions

Facilitated discussions between experts, healthcare professionals and other key stakeholders in healthcare – such as payers, regulators and representatives from Patient Advocacy Groups. The output of the discussions is transformed into an educational e-learning format for the relevant audiences.