Prof. Ying Wang

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Vice President

  • China Anti-Cancer Association (CACA)
  • location China
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Programmes developed by Prof. Ying Wang

China Europe Anti-Cancer Summit_C2E2403 Video
2nd China-Europe Anti-Cancer Summit 2024: On-demand webinar

Oncologists review basic research and share the latest achievements in clinical practice

Prof. Yihai Cao, Prof. Ying Wang, Prof. Daiming Fan, Prof. Csaba L. Dégi
  • clock 101 MIN
  • calendar May 2024

This educational programme is supported by an Independent Medical Education Grant from BeiGene.
China US Ant-cancer banner Video
3rd China-US Anti-Cancer Summit 2023

Oncologists discuss trial data and treatment approaches from both countries: On-demand webinar

Prof. Daiming Fan, Prof. Philip Greenberg, Prof. Lynn M. Schuchter, Prof. William L. Dahut, Prof. Caicun Zhou, Prof. Rui-Hua Xu, Prof. Ying Wang, Prof. Li Yan
Endorsed by
  • clock 150 MIN
  • calendar Dec 2023

Supported by an Independent Medical Education Grant from BeiGene Europe, AmoyDx and Fosun Pharma.