Prof. Dr Zuzana Motovska

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  • Charles University
  • location Czech Republic

Present Position and Address Head of the Division of Acute Cardiology Deputy Head of Department for the Research Cardiology Department Cardiocenter Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University University Hospital Kralovské Vinohrady Prague, Czech Republic Post Graduate Degrees Appointed as Professor of Internal Medicine at the Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic European Society of Cardiology Activities Councilor of the ESC Board 2018-2020 Member of Working group on Thrombosis Member of Acute Cardiovascular Care Association National coordinator of the ACS-STEMI Registry EORP Fellowships / Honours Fellow of European Society of Cardiology (since 2007) Award given by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Czech Republic for extraordinary results in research, experimental development and innovation – awarded in the year 2015 Major Research Interest Acute coronary syndromes Acute cardiac care Antithrombotic therapy Cardiovascular disease in women Cardiogenic shock Major Scientific Activities Principal investigator (design, leadership, coordination): Multicenter randomized PRAGUE 8 study Multicenter randomized PRAGUE 18 study Multicenter double-blind randomized DAPT-SCHOCK-AMI (PRAGUE 23) study (ongoing)

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Cardiology Endocrinology 
BluePrint resource: PCSK9 inhibitor therapies in ACS

Prof. Dr Anna Franzone, Prof. Dr Jeanine Roeters van Lennep, Prof. Dr Uwe Zeymer, Dr Flavien Vincent, Prof. Dr Zuzana Motovska
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