Thea Bätz

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Nurse and Study Coordinator

  • Johannes Gutenberg University
  • location Germany

Thea Bätz works as study coordinator in the outpatient department for hepatocellular carcinomas at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. In this function, she cares for study patients and outpatients. After completing her training, she worked for 18 years as a children’s nurse at the University Hospital in Lübeck. Since 2000 Thea Bätz has been working at the University Medical Center Mainz, where she first worked in cardiology and GI oncology. She completed her training as a study assistant and has been working in the HCC area since the SHARP Trial. Due to the close cooperation within the study office she is also involved in the GI oncology area. In recent years, she has participated in several projects on practical work with oncological patients, taking into consideration international differences.

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Programmes developed by Thea Bätz

Overview of treatments for advanced HCC

Thea Bätz
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