Prof. Michael Nagler

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  • Inselspital University Hospital
  • location Switzerland

As a laboratory specialist, hematologist, and epidemiologist, Michael Nagler has a wide range of training and expertise. Currently, he is the deputy director of the Centre for Laboratory Medicine at Inselspital University Hospital in Switzerland and an associate professor at the University of Bern. The focus of his research is one of the most common clinical questions: “What does this laboratory test result mean for the individual patient?” To strive in this, he advances diagnostic research methodologies, validates and implements new testing strategies, and develops creative decision support tools, specifically diagnostic machine learning algorithms.

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Programmes developed by Prof. Michael Nagler

Haematology expert Podcast



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Hemostasis and bleeding disorders 
Monitoring Anticoagulation: Yes or No?

A clinical discussion on anticoagulation monitoring

Prof. Dimitrios Tsakiris, Prof. Michael Nagler
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  • calendar Aug 2023

Educational programme supported by an Independent Medical Education grant from Viatris