Dr Christoph Königs

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Paediatric Hematologist

  • University Hospital Frankfurt
  • location Germany

Christoph Königs has been based at the Paediatric Haemophilia Centre, University Hospital Frankfurt, Germany since 2002. He received his degree in science from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia in 1998 and his medical degree from Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany in 2002. For both his MD and PhD thesis, Christoph isolated ligands to clinically relevant structures of protein receptors and RNA. The main clinical and scientific interest of his research team is the understanding and modification of the immune response to coagulations factors. His main clinical focus is developing and improving therapies for children and adolescents with coagulation disorders with a focus on patient education and shared decision making. Christoph specialises in paediatrics and adolescent medicine and also in haemostasis. He is a member of several national and international scientific societies and committees. He co-chairs the Standing Committee Haemophilia of the Society for Thrombosis and Haemostasis (GTH), the National Registry on PUPs with Newly Diagnosed Haemophilias in Germany “GEPHARD” and the Scientific Advisory Council of PedNet. Christoph works closely with German patient organizations i.e. as a deputy chair of the medical advisory board.

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Programmes developed by Dr Christoph Königs

Hematology expert Video
Hemostasis and bleeding disorders 
MOVE Haemophilia 2023

Implementing international guidelines and best practices for hemophilia in clinical practice

Prof. Ana Boban, Dr Christoph Königs, Prof. Jan Astermark, Prof. Pratima Chowdary, Dr Steven Kitchen, Dr Sebastien Lobet
  • download Downloadable
  • clock 15 MIN
  • calendar Dec 2023

Educational programme supported by an Independent Medical Education grant from Sobi.
Review paper on prophylaxis in children with haemophilia Publication
Hemostasis and bleeding disorders 
Review paper on prophylaxis in children with haemophilia

Prof. Karin Fijnvandraat, Prof. Christoph Male, Dr Christoph Königs, Prof. Gili Kenet, Assoc. Prof. Jan Blatný, Dr Maria Elisa Mancuso, Prof. Kaan Kavakli
  • download Downloadable
  • clock 5 MIN
  • calendar Oct 2021

Educational programme supported by an Independent Medical Education grant from Takeda