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Highlights from CTOS 2022

Highlights from CTOS 2022

Prof. Jonathan Trent, Prof. Robin Jones

In this podcast, Prof. Jonathan Trent and Prof. Robin Jones discuss what's new in sarcoma management from CTOS 2022, including insights from the DeFi, rEECur and ENLIVEN studies.


Clinical Takeaways

  • New agents for patients with advanced undifferentiated liposarcoma are in development
  • Active salvage therapy is an option in Ewing sarcoma 
  • Oral TKIs can provide relief for patients with Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumour
Portrait of Jonathan Trent
Prof. Jonathan Trent

Medical Oncology

University of Miami Health System

United States (US)

Portrait of Robin Jones
Prof. Robin Jones

Medical Oncology

The Royal Marsden

United Kingdom (UK)

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time Podcast | open 22 min | Jan 2023

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In this podcast, Prof. Jonathan Trent and Prof. Robin Jones discuss what’s new in patient management in sarcoma from CTOS 2022.

The Connective Tissue Oncology Society is an international group of physicians and scientists with a primary interest in the tumours of connective tissues. With nearly 600 attendees, 10 sessions specific for sarcoma, and over 300 posters, CTOS 2022 took place between November 16 and 19 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Clinical practice and patient management highlights covered in the podcast include insights from the DEFI study on desmoid tumour, the REECUR study for Ewing sarcoma, and the ENLIVEN study for gastrointestinal stromal tumour (GIST). In addition, early studies with potential clinical impact are discussed.

This educational programme is supported by an Independent Medical Education Grant from Bayer

SARCOMA CONNECT is an initiative of COR2ED, supported by an Independent Educational Grant from Bayer.

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