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GU NURSES CONNECT shares information, educational programmes, and insights with those wishing to collaborate, around the world. With these efforts we aim to provide practical guidance and create an international network, by exchanging information and inviting all those treating patients with genitourinary cancers to get involved with GU NURSES CONNECT programming. If you are interested in collaborating with GU NURSES CONNECT, we look forward to hearing from you. Learn more about our current partners:

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Urobel VZW | ASBL

Urobel is the Belgian association for urological nurses and related professionals. Our mission is and will remain the professionalisation of the urological care provider for the benefit of the patient and their environment by providing up-to-date and scientifically founded knowledge for urological care with a heart.



ZERO is a nonprofit organisation that raises awareness and provides educational resources and support services to those affected by prostate cancer, to help them learn to fight this disease. The power of ZERO is in helping men and those who love them by transforming resignation into determination, and fear into hope.