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Nursing Support for mCRPC Patients During Radiopharmaceutical Treatment

Nursing Support for mCRPC Patients During Radiopharmaceutical Treatment

A clinical update for oncology nurses

A clinical update for oncology nurses

Janet Forgenie

In this video update, Uro-oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist Janet Forgenie explains how nurses can support patients undergoing radiopharmaceutical treatment for metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC).

Watch the video and download the accompanying slides to learn about:

  • The considerations for treatment selection in clinical practice to minimise the impact on patients' lives
  • Applying recent data to treatment sequencing in bone-dominant mCRPC
  • Educating and supporting patients during treatment so they know what to expect
Image of Janet Forgenie
Janet Forgenie

Uro-Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist

University College Hospital

United Kingdom (UK)

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Nursing Support for mCRPC patients during radiopharmaceutical treatment

time Video | open 3 min | Jul 2023

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Clinical Takeaways

  • Radiopharmaceuticals such as radium-223 and 177Lu-PSMA-617 offer a survival benefit to mCRPC patients as well as managing bone pain and QOL

  • They are able to deliver targeted radiation to prostate cancer cells, thereby minimising toxicity to normal healthy tissue

  • Real-world data support using 177Lu-PSMA in patients who previously received Ra-223

  • Nurses and patients should be aware of post-treatment precautions, but radiopharmaceuticals are an effective and manageable treatment option for mCRPC patients


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