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Insights into real-world data in advanced HCC

Insights into real-world data in advanced HCC

Video update and slides

Video update and slides

Assoc. Prof. Matthias Pinter

In this video update, HCC CONNECT expert Prof. Matthias Pinter reviews recent real-world data (RWD) discussed in advanced HCC.

He discusses real-world efficacy and safety of systemic therapies, treatment patterns in real-world clinical practice, and RWD on systemic therapy in patient populations excluded from Phase 3 RCT (Child-Pugh class B and with a history of liver transplantation).


Clinical takeaways:

  • Although RWD cannot substitute controlled randomised clinical trials, RWD addresses questions not sufficiently answered by clinical trial data
  • RWD can provide insights into the performance and outcomes of new anticancer therapies in routine clinical practice, information on patients underrepresented in clinical trials and captures less common and delayed adverse events
Portrait of Matthias Pinter
Assoc. Prof. Matthias Pinter


Medical University of Vienna


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Real-world data in advanced HCC

time | open 6 min | Dec 2022

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