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Publication Now Available from the HCC Experts Round Table (Americas & Europe)

Publication Now Available from the HCC Experts Round Table (Americas & Europe)

Prof. Dr Peter R. Galle

This peer-reviewed article from interdisciplinary experts describes the impact of the IMbrave150 trial on treating advanced hepatocellular carcinoma.
Prof. Dr Peter R. Galle


University Medical Centre Mainz


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time | open 5 min | Feb 2021

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Hello, my name is Peter Galle, from the University Medical Center in Mainz, Germany. Last year, a multidisciplinary team of experts convened to discuss the impact of the IMbrave150 trial, assessing the combination of atezolizumab and bevacizumab in hepatocellular carcinoma.

This resulted in a position paper, where we discuss the important aspects of the trial with respect to efficacy, safety, and the impact on scheduling of systemic therapy in hepatocellular carcinoma.

We are now at a situation where we have seen a timely update of the data from 2020, which appeared at the ASCO GI meeting in January 2021 in San Francisco. It was good to see that the improvement of overall survival (OS) was not only confirmed, but now it was actually given in absolute numbers: we see a six-month improvement in overall survival comparing atezo + bev versus sorafenib.

This has resulted in the meantime in the approval of this combination in more than 160 countries worldwide, for the benefit of our patients. Thank you for your interest.

The HCC Experts Round Table (Americas & Europe) brought together international experts in hepatocellular carcinoma, from fields including oncology, hepatology, radiology, patient advocacy, and health economics. The HCC Experts Round Table has recently published their assessment of the impact of the IMbrave150 trial on standards of care for advanced first-line HCC.

Watch the video overview from manuscript senior author Prof. Peter Galle and download your educational slides, summarizing the conclusions of the HCC Experts Round Table in their peer-reviewed publication. This educational content is relevant for all clinical team members involved in the care of advanced HCC.

Kulik L, da Fonseca LG, He AR, Rimola J, Wilson Woods A, Zöllner YF, Galle PR. Potential Impact of IMbrave150 Results in the Evolving Treatment Landscape of Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Multidisciplinary Expert Opinion. J Hepatocell Carcinoma. 2020;7:423

This programme is supported by an Independent Educational Grant from Roche.

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