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Publication Now Available from the HCC Experts Round Table (Asia-Pacific)

Publication Now Available from the HCC Experts Round Table (Asia-Pacific)

Prof. Pierce KH Chow

This peer-reviewed article from interdisciplinary experts describes the impact of the IMbrave150 trial on treating advanced hepatocellular carcinoma.
Portrait of Pierce KH Chow
Prof. Pierce KH Chow

Liver Surgeon

National Cancer Center Singapore


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time | open 5 min | Jun 2021

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Hello, my name is Pierce Chow, and I’m a liver surgeon from the National Cancer Centre in Singapore, and the Singapore General Hospital. And I am a professor at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore. I am also the chairman of the HCC Experts Round Table for the Asia-Pacific, and this group met a few times last year. This is a multinational, multidisciplinary group of experts with members from Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan. And, among us we have hepatologists, medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, health economic expert as well as a patient advocate. Now this group examined the impact of the clinical trial IMbrave150 on the management of patients with advanced liver cancer or HCC, in the Asia region, as the first-line therapy. We investigated the clinical data which confirmed the evolution of first-line standard of care for advanced HCC. Now the Asia-Pacific is a highly heterogenous region, and therefore we examined the data in the context of the highly variable healthcare and reimbursement systems in the Asia-Pacific. And I’m very pleased to share with you that our expert findings are now available in a peer-reviewed publication. If you want to know more of what is current in first-line therapy, for advanced liver cancer in Asia-Pacific, then I would like to invite you to explore this recent review article, as well as the accompanying slide deck. Thank you very much for your attention.

The HCC Experts Round Table (Asia-Pacific) brought together international experts in hepatocellular carcinoma, from fields including medical and surgical oncology, hepatology, patient advocacy, and health economics. The HCC Experts Round Table has recently published their assessment of the impact of the IMbrave150 trial on standards of care for advanced first-line HCC in this region. Watch the video overview from manuscript senior author Prof. Pierce KH Chow and download your educational slides, summarizing the conclusions of the HCC Experts Round Table in their peer-reviewed publication. This educational content is relevant for all clinical team members involved in the care of advanced HCC. Ogasawara S, Choo S-P, Li J-T, Yoo C, Wang B, Lee D, Chow PKH. Evolving Treatment of Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma in the Asia–Pacific Region: A Review and Multidisciplinary Expert Opinion. Cancers. 2021; 13(11):2626

This programme is supported by an Independent Educational Grant from Roche.

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