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Drug-Drug Interactions with Kinase Inhibitors

Drug-Drug Interactions with Kinase Inhibitors

Prof. Claus-Henning Koehne, Dr. Vincent Launay-Vacher, Prof. Hans Gelderblom, Dr. Roelof W F van Leeuwen

GI CONNECT has been involved with a comprehensive resource available on ESMO OncologyPRO, providing information on the management of kinase inhibitor-associated drug-drug interactions
Prof. Koehne
Prof. Claus-Henning Koehne

Clinical Oncologist

Klinikum Oldenburg


Dr. Launay-Vacher
Dr. Vincent Launay-Vacher

Clinical Pharmacologist

Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital


Prof. Gelderblom
Prof. Hans Gelderblom

Clinical Oncologist

Leiden University Medical Center


Dr. van Leeuwen
Dr. Roelof W F van Leeuwen

Clinical Pharmacist

Erasmus MC Cancer Institute


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time | open 30 min | Jul 2015


I agree that this educational programme:

Drug-Drug Interactions with Kinase Inhibitors

This material has been developed as a comprehensive resource providing information and guidance on the management of kinase inhibitor-associated drug-drug interactions.

At the time of writing (2015), there was a lack of guidelines for managing drug-drug interactions with kinase inhibitors.

Information included in this material is compiled from review of the medical literature and expert guidance from Prof. Hans Gelderblom and Prof. Claus-Henning Koehne (clinical oncologists), Dr. Roelof W F van Leeuwen (clinical pharmacist) and Dr. Vincent Launay-Vacher (clinical pharmacologist).

The resource aims to:

  • Understand the clinically relevant drug-drug interactions with kinase inhibitors
  • Explore the type and mechanism of the interaction: altered bioavailability due to altered stomach pH, metabolism by cytochrome P450 isoenzymes, and prolongation of the QTc interval
  • Provide specific recommendations to guide physicians and clinical pharmacists in the management of drug-drug interactions during treatment with kinase inhibitors in daily clinical practice

COR2ED have donated this content to ESMO to ensure that the practical guide reflects today's best clinical practice.

GI CONNECT is an initiative of COR2ED, supported by an Independent Educational Grant from Bayer.

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