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A New Era in Treating Patients with Advanced HCC

A New Era in Treating Patients with Advanced HCC

2nd line treatment selection and the right time to switch

2nd line treatment selection and the right time to switch

Prof. Dr Jeroen Dekervel, Dr Amit Singal

In this podcast, HCC CONNECT experts discuss best practice for treating patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma and the challenges of knowing when to switch to 2nd line treatment for optimal sequencing.

How do you decide when to stop 1st line treatment when it can be potent and effective? If you do continue with 1st line therapies, how long is too long? Could switching to 2nd line treatment get better results for your patient? 

Listen as they explore the answers to these questions and discuss how to use factors like disease progression, liver function, toxicity of the treatment, and patient preference to determine the right time to switch.

Jeroen Dekervel
Prof. Dr Jeroen Dekervel

GI Oncologist

UZ Leuven


Portrait of Amit Singal
Dr Amit Singal

Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist

UT Southwestern Medical Center

United States (US)

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time Podcast | open 29 min | Sep 2023

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Clinical Takeaways

  • There are 2nd line systemic therapies for patients with HCC that have been adopted by the several guidelines

  • The decision to switch to 2nd line therapy is an assessment of toxicity, liver function and disease progression

  • There is a need for comparative effectiveness data to determine the optimal 2nd line therapy


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This educational programme is supported by an Independent Medical Education Grant from Bayer.

HCC CONNECT is an initiative of COR2ED, supported by an Independent Educational Grant from Bayer, AstraZeneca and from Eisai Europe Limited.

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